HEARTHENWARE is an initiative of PASTORIA to raise the warmth, fullness and clarity of business travel, through experiential media.

Our Motivation

Every day, all around the world, there are people far away from home who are ending a long day of work.

  • What they hope for is a moment to sort out their thoughts, come to grips with their feelings, and re-align their wants.

That’s why we exist – to get you to that moment.

Our Story

James from PASTORIA is the Maker of HEARTHENWARE.

  • His professional background in nonprofit communications with regional, national, and international reach, required business travel on a regular basis.

Over time, James started to sense that what was missing in such travel were some guiding questions in order to:

  • Consider the real impact of his work (beyond it just getting done)
  • Weigh the pluses and minuses of traveling in order to do it
  • Make some decisions about how his life was going to be different when he got back home

So, after a lot of earlier versions, HEARTHENWARE was born.